Panti Asuhan Bayi Sehat Bandung

Oleh : Hanin | Santriwati 4 SMA

Catatan Outing : Enjoy Bandung! Jejak Sejarah Kota Bandung

Parenthood requires Love not DNA

It Was my first outing in ABS and I had lots of fun. There was a lot of fun activities and destinations, but my favorite part was going to the Orphane house. I’ve learning that we should appreciate and gratefull for what we have, not everyone is as lucky as us. Therefore we should help to those who needs, we can help them by donating money, play with them, donate new or even old cloth to those who needs even helping them a little could change their life a lot. I’ve realized how spoiled I can be and how ungrateful I can be. I’ve heard a lot of sad stories and I realize how they’ve been trough a lot at young age. Giving birth does not make her a mother, placing a child for adoption does not make her less of one. Parenthood requires Love not DNA

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