English and Students’ Future Careers

by: Ridha Galih Permana, S.Pd

The establishment of an integrated economic region in the Southeast Asian region known as the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). Indonesia and others 9 counties of ASEAN members have to competence each other in economic sector. Basically, the MEA is a very important forum for the progress of ASEAN countries in realizing prosperity so that its existence must be responded positively.

Actually, the existence of the MEA provides good opportunities for Indonesia because Indonesia has the largest population in Southeast Asia. According to databoks.katadata.co.id Indonesia for the last ten years has become the country with the largest population in ASEAN. In 2018, the population of Indonesia is projected to reach 264.16 million people or one third of the total population in ASEAN. This fact can be used as a reference to dominate the ASEAN market if supported by high productivity. In addition, Indonesia also has natural resources and potential human resources (HR).

            Therefore, as the largest population in ASEAN the Government focuses on developing the investment and HR sectors. In the investment sector, given Indonesia’s huge potential, it is predicted that it will be very easy to increase the entry of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). The entry of FDI will be able to trigger Indonesia’s economic growth through technological development, job creation, and human resource development.

            Indonesia has a huge potential in the investment sector, it is predicted that it will be very easy to increase the entry of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).  Based on the fact that foreign investment can enter Indonesia, it also has been giving an effect to our educational system. Because our students have to compete not only in their own country Indonesia but also in ASEAN as the member of MEA. One of the most important skills which should be able to mastered by students nowadays is skill to communicate in global area. According to oxford-royale.com English has been referred to as “the language of business”. It means all the students nowadays must be able to speaks English.

            English becomes really important skills to support students careers nowadays. Based on that fact our school ABS (‘Aisyiyah boarding school) Bandung has developed one program which is needed by our students nowadays. The program is called ALC (ABS Language Centre) The ALC help students of ABS to mastered English not only in written but also in listening and speaking skills. The program is made with purpose to help and support our students in facing their careers in the global era and MEA. So, our students are able to compete as a job seeker with other son seekers of the other countries in this global era

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Key words: MEA, Students’ careers, ALC